67. Venice Film Festival, Italian Controcampo Award; Donatello’s David 2011, Best Producer, Best Editor and Best Special Visual Effects

November 2003: Aureliano, a 28-year-old anarchist and anti-war activist with no regular job and love life, is offered to immediately fly to Iraq to work as an assistant director on a film about the Italian military “mission of peace”. Despite the disapproval of his mates and best friend Claudia, and the concerns of his family, Aureliano leaves.
He thus finds himself in a world – the army – he does not approve of and he is biased against. He discovers, however, a great sense of humanity and brotherhood in the people he meets – the same values he also believes in.

He made his debut when he was 5 in the TV film Progetti di Allegria by Vittorio De Sisti. Having taken his degree, he enrolled in the Webber Douglas Academy in London and graduated in acting in 1998. He worked at the Globe Theatre.
Back in Italy, he performed both in cinema and in theater. He then directed documentaries for TV SAT2000 and for “La Storia siamo Noi”. In 2008 he founded Motoproduzioni to produce his own and others’ documentaries. 20 sigarette is his first feature film.

20 sigarette is a forthright film because it is narrated by someone who directly experienced these events and because it all comes straight from his guts. The first part is more like a light comedy: a boy from Rome, who hangs out at radical youth meetings and goes on demonstrations, doing odd jobs in the cinema industry, is catapulted into Iraq. The rhythm changes: confronted with the harsh reality, the main character feels ill at ease, the army unnerves him, his beliefs collapse when he has to face real, altruistic people. (Aureliano Amadei)

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