Sulmona Cinema Film Festival, Silver Ovidio for Best Actress

The film tells the story of Gennarino, a hopeless father who is living in a deserted RV on the outskirts of Rome. His son Pasqualino was taken away from him by the social services and he desperately wants to get him back. After unsuccessfully trying to find a job, Gennarino, out of despair, turns back to his old life as a small criminal and a drug dealer. It does not take long for him to take over his wife, Luisa, as the local boss.
When Luisa is discharged from prison on pardon, Gennaro feels that his new role is threatened, as well as the chances to get Pasqualino back. Both the father and the mother want the child back, no matter what…

DAVIDE ALFONSI (Roma, 1977), DENIS MALAGNINO (Tivoli, 1977)
Davide Alfonsi took his degree at Amedeo di Savoia in Tivoli and he is currently a final-year student at the Political Sciences Department of La Sapienza University in Rome. In 1998 he won the Poetry Award Colosseo. He is the director and screenwriter of all Amanda Flor’s works.
Denis Malagnino is the creator of Amanda Flor. He directs, writes and performs in all their productions.

Ad ogni costo is basically a romantic film, a caustic version of Kramer vs. Kramer, which takes place underneath the pillars of old brownstones. The story of the two fighters – an epic and old one – entices more and more people from the very beginning. It is a ‘war’ we strove to record without taking sides. It is told in the simplest manner possible, and the audience can pick it out from the purple faces of the characters, their swollen veins and their dribbling mouths. It is written in camera shifts and ceaseless full close-ups, like in a war reportage. (Davide Alfonsi & Denis Malagnino)

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