The Guldbagge Award 2011, Best Actor in a Supporting Role

It is the summer of 1975. Martin has just graduated from high school and leaves the concrete of the city for a summer job at Sandhamn’s exclusive yacht club restaurant in Stockholm’s archipelago. A whole new world opens up for him. Martin meets the love of his life at the same time as he is taken under the wing of the yacht club restaurant’s boss, a playboy in the center of Swedish society.
But hiding behind the glamorous facade in the idyllic archipelago setting is a much darker reality. Before Martin really understands what is going on he finds himself in the middle of one of the greatest scandals in Swedish criminal history.

HANNES HOLM (Lidingö, 1962)
Hannes Holm makes almost all of his films with Måns Herngren. They have met in their teens and have together directed and written several comedy series for television. Their feature debut was One in a Million (1995), followed by the box office and festival hit Adam & Eve (1997).
Since then, they have made Shit Happens (2000) and The Reunion (2003), as well as TV series and commercials.

I long nourished a dream about making a film that takes place in the 1970s, in the idyllic setting that represents the ”Swedish Model”. Everything fell into place when I recalled a real drama that happened when I was a kid – a scandal where a drug syndicate operating in the archipelago outside Stockholm in 1975 was busted. This is a film mixing reality and fiction. Some of the characters are made up and some are real people. To illustrate a certain nerve or mood in the film hand camera and fixed camera positions are mixed as I seek to convey authenticity and tell a classic story at the same time. (Hannes Holm)

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