Max Ophüls Festival 2011, Audience Award

The Sandman tells the surreal story of Benno, who works in a stamp store and loves classical music. He lives in the old town of Zurich above a small coffee shop run by Sandra. Every night after work Sandra practices her One-Woman-Orchestra act by singing and trumpeting with a loop device. This irritates Benno, who in return misses no chance to tell Sandra how untalented she is. One day Benno realizes that he looses sand. It trickles out of him and there is nothing he can do about it. Soon he realizes that Sandra plays an important part in solving his problem.
Though they still cannot stand one another, they try solving the mystery together. This not only leads them beyond their dreams but also to themselves and therefore – each other.

PETER LUISI (Zurich, 1975)
From 1994 to 1996 he attended the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, then he transferred to the University of California in Santa Cruz, and graduated in 1998 in Film and Video Production with ʻUniversity & College Honorsʼ. He wrote the screenplay and directed Verflixt Verlieb (2004), which was screened and awarded worldwide. In the same year, he co-wrote the film Vitus with Fredi M. Murer starring Bruno Ganz. Vitus was sold to over 65 countries and was shortlisted for an Oscar Nomination for best foreign language film.
In 2006 Peter completed his second feature film, Love Made Easy, starring Oscar winner Martin Landau in a supporting role. He also wrote and directed the short film Die Praktikantin (2010). Der Sandmann (2011) is his latest film.

The Sandman is a modern fairy tale. It is about the discrepancy between what every person could be and what he or she actually is. A filmmaker should try to make the films that he or she wants to see. I like entertaining movies that also manage to inspire a little bit. That is why I am a filmmaker, to keep trying to achieve this. (Peter Luisi)

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