It is the summer of 1982 on a southern beach. Rui and his parents are living inside their own isolated worlds, unaware of the failure which defines them as a family and condemns them to a lonely survival uneasiness. Rui is about to have his final term exam, but the only thing he is interested in is music and defining the unknown through sketches and drawings.
Only Joana manages to get him out of his autism. The girl’s vigor fascinates him. Helena is not able to connect with her son. While waiting for her husband, she has an affair with Zé, a 20 years younger man. And the summer is coming to an end…

PEDRO CALDAS (Lisboa, 1958)
He graduated from the Lisbon Film School and is one of the founding members of the production company Tropico Films.
He directed the documentary film Entrada em palco (1997), as well as the short films É só um minuto (1998), Boris e Jeremias (2000), Da minha janela (2004), EUROPA 2007 (2007) and Um roupão vermelho sangue (2009), among others.

The cinema I like and I am interested in making is a great adventure: it makes us embark upon a journey to a new world which only exists through cinematographic techniques. It makes us see objects, landscapes and people with fresh eyes; it makes us new in our own eyes; it is a journey of discovery to unknown lands. The unknown lands are, in the case of Guerra Civil, human relationships and the way we look at people; I would say they are the people themselves. (Pedro Caldas)

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