63. Cannes Film Festival, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs – SACD Award; Palm Springs International Film Festival 2011, FIPRESCI Prize for Best Actress

Tania, a 39-year-old Russian woman, has been living illegally in Belgium. Following a police check, she is arrested and placed in a detention center, while her adolescent son manages to escape.
Thus begins a fight for her dignity, identity and humanity, and to find her son.

Right from his first shorts, Chambre froide (2000) and Dans l’ombre (2004), he has filmed headstrong female characters who will stop at nothing to get what they want. With these two films, the director won some 60 prizes at international festivals.
His debut feature, Cages (2006), was seen at Rome and Toronto festivals and enjoyed commercial success in Belgium.

The film is mainly about a mother who has been separated from his son. It was important to stick to this narrative line, which is universal, pure, unambiguous. The comment on social issues had to run in the background. The first versions of the script were very harsh, they included all the terrible things I had been told. And then, from the very beginning, the story of the mother became the focus of the film. I left out what was straying us away from her story. (Olivier Masset-Depasse)

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