A school inspector travels to the baron’s fiefdom to write a report on a heathen teacher. Once arrived, he is invited to stay with the baron, who makes predictions about women, horses and politics while the mysterious Idalina serves food and drink.
The inspector becomes inextricably entangled in the baron’s world.

EDGAR PÊRA (Lisboa, 1960)
In 1981 he was studying psychology, but switched to film at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (ESTC) in Lisbon. After graduating in 1984, he started working in the film industry in several capacities, including those of producer, editor and screenwriter. He is one of the most important and original representatives of the current generation of Portuguese experimental filmmakers, His work, however, has hardly been shown outside Portugal.
Pêra’s recent and varied work consists of documentaries, short and long films, and video productions.

Three years ago, through “Rio Turvo”, I found Branquinho da Fonseca. I couldn’t understand how no one had ever adapted such a cinematographic author. I then decided to go forward and make a film, learning, in the process, how to deal with his peculiar atmosphere. While searching for locations to Rio Turvo, I found out that the writer Luísa Costa Gomes also wanted to adapt this author. She therefore chose Branquinho da Fonseca’s most popular novel: “O Barão”. Later, the project would be presented to me and, knowing already Branquinho’s work, I concluded, by reading the script, that I really wanted to do this film. There are very few stories that express our identity as much as this one. Portuguese identity. And human identity. (Edgar Pêra)

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