63. Locarno Film Festival, Second Prize Junior Jury Awards

Pietro lives in an anonymous suburb. His home is an old apartment – now decaying – his parents left him. He lives with his brother Francesco. Their relation is, however, anything but easy: Francesco is a drug addict, depending on his drug dealer and friend Nikiniki, and his mates. The only way Pietro has to connect to his brother seems to be to live out the role of a fool the friends’ circle assigned him.
A change seems to occur when at work Pietro meets a girl who may be even more desperate than he is, and with whom he slowly starts a different kind of relationship. But during one of the usual evenings Pietro introduces the girl to his friends and suddenly the story takes a sour turn with Pietro reacting in a most unexpected way.

He received his degree in Movie History and Critique from the University of Turin. In the early 1990s, he worked with the National Cinematographic Archive of the Resistance (ANCR). He produced numerous documentaries between 1991 and 1997. During these years, he also filmed several fiction short films such as L’orecchio ferito del piccolo comandante (1994), which was a Special Mention at the 1995 Locarno Film Festival. In 2000 he presented his first feature film, I nostri anni, which was selected at Quinzaine des réalisateurs of the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. In 2004 his second feature film, Nemmeno il destino, participated in the Venice Days at the Venice Film Festival.
In 2008 Gaglianone’s documentary on Bosnia, Rata Nece Biti‐ la guerra non ci sarà, won the Jury’s Special Prize for Best Italian Documentary at Turin Film Festival and, the following year, it was awarded the Donatello’s David.

Anger, affection, frailty and violence. These are the themes, the ingredients of Pietro, a film born of different circumstances and suggestions (some of which are personal). It was a difficult period for me, I was doing nothing. Yet, people were telling me to be less radical. Thus, I wrote my first draft of this story: a harsh one that echoes a harsh situation and some of my acquaintances – fragile, invisible people. Although society denies their existence, they have a role in our society and allow it to function. They could become ticking bombs. Also, I did not want to adopt an explicit stance or take sides, I did not want to offer a reassuring picture in which everything is already in its place. What I can say is that this film is a forecast of what we are about to become‐ or what we already are. (Daniele Gaglianone)

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