Premiers Plans Festival (Angers), Best Actor

Frank is an ambitious and single-minded medical student who has no friends. His finals are only few days away and nothing must distract him. Nothing, and specially not Lotte, the girl who has just moved into the flat above. Lotte tries to make friends with Frank. But he sees her only as an irritation, especially as the noise from the couple’s lovemaking keeps him awake at night. Finally sleeplessness makes him lose control…
One day Frank is mysteriously attacked in the corridor of his building. Lotte helps him and the circumstances bring them closer. Their new friendship will not be without consequences.

Johan Lundborg (1977), Johan Storm (1978)
A director and cinematographer, Johan Lundbrog studied at the Film School at Gothenburg University and he also attended FAMU in Prague. He has written, shot and edited a number of short films – Sausage Eats Man, Catch 116 (both in 2000), The Proud Matador (2002) and Isolerad (Isolated, 2003). He then made the award winning documentary Moving Adult Cats (2005) and Roger Nilsson’s Enterprise (2009, doc). Together with Johan Storm, he wrote and directed the short Rosenhill (2008), which won the the Audience Award for Best Short at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2009.
Examined from the Film School at Gothenburg University in 2003, Johan Storm worked as a film critic for the daily newspaper ”Arbetarbladet”. He worked as the assistant manager at Davien Littlefield’s Management in New York and as a high school teacher of film/tv/video. He is currently making commercials and information films.

Corridor is a film that takes its time to investigate room and character and to build up a tense atmosphere and then accelerate the tension. It is inspired by Hollywood 1970s films such as The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, Alien etc. which took time to establish their characters and communicate the values of their universe. This makes us more emotionally involved in the fate that befalls them. We are both very keen on visual storytelling without too many words. Frank’s isolation makes us move in his world on his terms. What he sees, we see. What he hears, we hear. Visually we create an escalating feeling of claustrophobia. Frank’s arena shrinks, as he gets more and more drawn into the mystery of Lotte. He is completely alone. (Johan Lundborg & Johan Storm)

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