A Swiss and an Italian topographer are hired by the mayor of a small village in the Alps to mark the long-forgotten boundaries of the two states in order to determine the legal owner of a mummy found in the ice.
The purpose of the mayor of the Italian village is to enhance local tourism, but the accurate investigations of the two topographers stumble on a post-war crime and on its secrets.

ANDREA PAPINI (Varallo Sesia, 1958)
Born in Piedmont, he studied in Milan and now works in Rome. He took a degree in engineering, which was useful to found the satellite network Microcinema, a society of which he was CEO and chairman. He began his film career in the mid-1980s. He directed documentaries, short films and commercials, working in Rome, Milan and Turin. He lectured on digital cinema for the Ph.D programme of the Politecnico of Milan and the National School of Cinema in Rome.
Among his most recent works: Nuovo cinema paradosso (2005), a collective film that was presented at the 62nd Venice Film Festival (Venice Days section), and La velocità della luce (2008). He directed the commercial Accorcia la notte, allunga la vita (2004), promoted by the Italian Government.

The reasons why La misura del confine was made are a hi-tech Red camera I was awarded for my previous film, the brave crew that accepted to work in difficult conditions at 3,000 meters of altitude, and the desire I had to talk about contemporary Italy as seen from afar, from the places I have always been fond of: the Monte Rosa and the surrounding valleys. It was as if the mountain wished to be filmed: the weather was fine, we had good luck and we managed to get through this experimental production. The film is not about the mountains, it is set in the mountains. It tells the story of a heterogeneous group of people who, by chance, find the evidences of an ancient crime: in a way they are all involved in it, but they hardly understand its moral dimension. I wanted to explore contemporary dreams by confronting the characters with their own past and with the hypnotic attraction the mountain is exerting on their desires. (Andrea Papini)

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