Durres Film Festival 2010, Special Prize of the Jury and Best Actor

Dossier K. is a hard hitting crime thriller, reuniting the buddy cops from the internationally acclaimed The Alzheimer Case (aka The Memory of a Killer). This time they are a bit older, a bit more cautious, and struggling with the “new approach” to crime control. Dossier K. plunges us into a violent clash between two worlds: the Albanian mountain clans trying to hold on to their ancient codes and a modern metropolis desperately protecting its brittle privileges from invasion.
Caught in the eye of that storm are a young Albanian on a mission-of-honor to avenge his father and a lovesick cop dead set on stopping the blood feud.

JAN VERHEYEN (Temse, 1963)
He launched himself on the international film scene at the tender age of 18 as co-organizer and programmer of the Knokke-Heist Film Festival. In 1986 Verheyen, with his associate Mark Punt, founded Independent Films, a distribution outlet which quickly became the most important independent Belgian film distributor.
Independent has produced and released a large variety of films, among them Verheyen’s first feature film, Boys (1992), which was followed by, among the others: The Little Death (1996), Team Spirit (2000) and Alles moet weg (2001). Zot van A. (2010) is his latest film.

Dossier K. aspires to the kind of intelligent American popular cinema Erik Van Looy and I love so much. Movies with pace and style, but preferably with some content too. Dossier K. is indeed a genre film, but not with cardboard characters and stereotypical bad guys. What fascinates me about the work of Jef Geeraerts, including his novel “Dossier K.”, is that it is psychologically complex; it does not rely on spectacular chases or extravagant shootouts, but it is concerned with flesh-and-blood people, often morally ambiguous, who struggle with the realities of a morally corrupt society and the impact of their job on their life. (Jan Verheyen)

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