Max Ophüls Festival 2011, Interfilm Award

Sascha, a rebellious teenager, lives with his single mother in a conservative Swiss village. He works in the forest to earn some pocket-money. One day he finds a small cottage in the woods, where secret skinhead meetings are held.
It does not take long before Sascha starts to get involved in things, that will do him no good.

She finished high-school in Bern, in 2001. From 2002 until 2004 she completed different video and film courses at Art Schools in Bern and Basel. In 2004 she took part in an internship for 4 months at TeleBärn, the local TV-Station of Bern. Later she moved to Munich, where she completed her studies at the Macromedia Munich, academy for new media, while studying film and TV with focus on directing. 2007 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.
Her filmography includes, among others, Toilets (2005, short), awarded with the Gold Medal at the Filmfestival of the Federal Association of German Film Authors, Mit oder ohne (2005, short), Schmerzblatt (2006, TV satire) and the documentary for arte/ZDF Friday at 3 (2007).

The fear of strangers is one of the most dominant topics in our times. Especially in Switzerland, we’ve witnessed several political campaigns taking advantage of that concern. I got more and more interested in the phenomena of the concept of the enemy that is apparently functional to the order of societies. Regardless of which cultural zone or country, people seem to need catalysts to project their fears, unhappiness and difficulties. Sometimes, this diffuse rejection ends in dull, unconsidered and rightist violence. Silver Forest is a film about a seeker. About a child in nowhere land. In the center of the film, I placed a non-political and unoriented antihero in search of love, acceptance and himself. His actions and provocations are cries for help, which for a long time nobody hears. (Christine Repond)

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