1984. In the sultry, still sunny September of that Emilian rural district most soaked with Catholicism and home-grown Socialism, Elia, a teenager grown out of these horizons, lives with his parents: William, who has a strong ideological tendency to Marxism, and very pious Maddalena; with the ghost of his older brother Samuele, who has not come back home for one year now.
The days of harvest begin and Emilia, the nearly-grown-up granddaughter of an old couple living nearby, arrives to give some help in the fields. Arrogant and nonchalant, Emilia is a true revolution in the ordinary everyday life of the provincial teenager. Elia, however, will need just a few days to reawaken Emilia’s heart, which seemed to be submerged by disillusionment and a constant mediocrity.

MARCO RIGHI (Reggio Emilia, 1984)
He studied direction and editing. He worked for five years as an editor for a production company. Since May 2009 he has been working on his own project “505”, a study specialized in video post-productions. He realized two short films, Michele, la paghetta e Truffaut (2004) and Il bagno verde (2005), followed by his debut as a documentary director, Abbasso il Duce, for which he took care of both direction and editing.
I giorni della vendemmia is his debut feature film.

When I first thought about I giorni della vendemmia I didn’t foresee that it would later become a length feature film. I thought that it would be something shorter… like a medium-length film; but then I realized that, shoot by shoot, the characters were beginning to live their own existence and they needed to prove something to each other. For this reason, I think, it became a full-length film. A delicate, intimate but not autobiographical film about my land, where I was mostly interested in the mise-en-scene, which was more important to me than any other thing, namely the subject or the script. What I really wanted was to physically get into that “cinema” and get you to sniff the smell of the rooms. (Marco Righi)

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