The film chronicles the vicissitudes of four young adults in two moments of their lives, which are in turn linked to two dramatic episodes three years apart. The intervening years see the characters confronted by the usual joys and difficulties of everyday life. However, they also find themselves having to react to a destiny which, every now and again, places a crossroads in our way.
The main character is Alan. Around him are his wife, Françoise, his young lover Michela, and Igor, his best friend.

ERIK BERNASCONI (Locarno, 1973)
In 1999 he graduated in Italian Literature at Fribourg University. Having attended a few workshops about direction in theater, he enrolled in the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français in Paris, where he graduated in direction assistance in 2004.
His debut short film, Fenêtre (2004), was selected at Locarno Film Festival in the “Leopards of Tomorrow“ section. In 2007 he wrote the script of Sinestesia, which later got three nominations for the Swiss Film Prize “Quartz 2010”.

The idea of the film came to me in winter 2006, when I was reading a few lines in a Ticinese newspaper. The film reflects on the presence of destiny in the lives of the four main characters. It is based on a simple axiom: we are responsible of our own lives, but sometimes what happens to us is out of our control. Our fate can turn on the edge of a dime and we all may become “physically disabled”. We al need someone to lean on. (Erik Bernasconi)

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