Gijón International Film Festival 2000, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Special Prize of the Young Jury for Best Feature; Seattle International Film Festival 2001, New Director’s Showcase Award

Elisabeth tires of her husband, so she packs her bags, takes her children and goes off to her brother, Göran. The year is 1975. Elisabeth is a fairly ordinary housewife from the suburbs, but Göran is a little different. He lives in a commune and that is where Elisabeth arrives with her children – to a chaotic house inhabited with long-haired people who discuss politics, have free sex, grow vegetables and drink lots of red wine.
The collision of these two separate worlds sets off a drama that will change all their lives.

He published a collection of poetry when he was 17, followed by several books of poetry and a novel. Fucking Åmål (1998) was his first feature. The film was a great critical and commercial success, was distributed in a large number of countries and was nominated to Best European Film 1999 by the European Film Academy. His two following films, Together (2000) and Lilya 4-ever (2002), were also distributed worldwide and picked up several awards. Then he realized A Hole in My Heart (2004) and Container (2006).
Mammoth (2009) is Moodysson’s first English-language film.

The vital part for me is writing. I am quite unsure about what I write, about the quality of it. Self-criticism comes easily to me. Filming is a completely different matter. I am extremely privileged to be part of both: the self-centered solitude and the chaotic collective. For a writer, the hardest part is starting from scratch with a blank page in front of you. For the director, it is finding the right actors. The right people will do the right thing. (Lukas Moodysson)

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