In Crazy About Ya, different characters meet. Sometimes their stories are closely interwoven, sometimes they just brush past each other. But sooner or later everyone runs into the hero of this story, Saint Jan.
As a true “sanctus ex machina” he makes sure that in the end, they are all a bit crazier about each other again.

JAN VERHEYEN (Temse, 1963)
He launched himself on the international film scene at the tender age of 18 as co-organizer and programmer of the Knokke-Heist Film Festival. In 1986 Verheyen, with his associate Mark Punt, founded Independent Films, a distribution outlet which quickly became the most important independent Belgian film distributor.
Independent has produced and released a large variety of films, among them Verheyen’s first feature film, Boys (1992), which was followed by, among the others: The Little Death (1996), Team Spirit (2000) and Alles moet weg (2001). Zot van A. (2010) is his latest film.

I do not see myself as an “author”. I am rather a “storyteller”. And my stories are passionate, funny and full of emotion. These are preferably stories that mean something, stories that I love to tell because I know you will like them. These are also stories that make me feel fulfilled. They are so different that I, the author – and I am the kind of author who commits himself to the story – feel compelled to reflect on the most appropriate style and structure. These are the stories that allow me to infuse creativity into my job. (Jan Verheyen)

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