Worst Betting Losses Ever

Over the last decade we have witnessed a huge growth in the betting and casino games industry, translated not only by the increase in the number of players, but also in the number of platforms that offer this type of service.

This demand is justified by the enormous fun and excitement that betting games give players, but also by the fabulous prizes they can win. However, as you know, casino games are gambling games. As such, there is a possibility of losing part of your money.

Bearing this in mind, throughout this article, we will introduce you to those that were the biggest losses in the history of the betting industry. Above all, we hope that this article will serve you as an example and that you realize that you should always bet with moderation and in a conscious way.

Harry Kakavas

Despite not becoming a big loser, Harry Kakavas is, without a doubt, a frequent loser. However, if someone has the knowledge and skills necessary to recover their losses, Harry Kakavas is that same person.

Over 16 months of playing baccarat at Melbourne Crown Casino, this gambler is estimated to have risked more than $1.43 billion! As you can imagine, the losses were not small. A total of 20.5 million were retained in the casino.

Consequently, in an absolutely surprising “last move”, Harry sued the gaming entity, claiming that it had “exploited his pathological desire to gamble”. However, as might be expected, he was given no reason.


Despite having achieved a position of great renown, this former Mayor of the State of San Diego quickly lost control of the situation, becoming completely obsessed with the game.

It is estimated that Maureen lost approximately 13 million dollars as a result of bets worth more than 1 billion. Faced with this state of obsession, Maureen borrowed $2 million from her husband’s charitable foundation so that she could bet on video poker. As expected, the result was not positive.

However, in addition to having already paid off all her debts, Maureen has an exemplary political career, created and enhanced thanks to hard work and dedication.


This is, without any doubt, one of the most incognito players ever. Arriving in Las Vegas with just $50, Archie has come a long and fantastic way throughout his career, earning more than $40 million. At one point, he even managed to run a certain casino out of chips.

However, Archie was simply betting for fun and excitement, that this activity gave him, not giving the slightest value to the money he collected. This affirmed that everything he really valued could not be bought: health, freedom, love and happiness.

Thus, Archie was constantly looking for new matches and opponents to give him an exciting poker session. Despite being an absolutely brilliant player, he lost all his wealth in just three weeks!


The former basketball star of the Phoenix Suns is another name that couldn’t be missing from our list. Due to his extreme gambling addiction, Charles is estimated to have lost around $30 million between various casino games.

However, he speaks quite openly about his addiction, accepting it and taking responsibility for its consequences. Above all, Charles values ​​the excitement and pleasure that casino games give him, claiming that they make him feel fulfilled.

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